Footpath Updates

We continue to walk Hadleigh area paths to determine any problems and particularly to review the state of footpath signs and waymarks. The issues found so far have been divided into those that the Volunteers will sort out themselves and those that we will highlight to Suffolk County Council for action. Needless to say, this activity will be ongoing, and we will welcome input from walkers as they cover the local area.

The recent high winds have resulted in a number of trees coming down and we try our best to clear them when possible or notify SCC.  Very recently 3 trees came down on the ancient path leading from the fishing lake up to Rands farm. They were rather large and we were grateful for the assistance of farmer Philip Soper and his tractor to chop them up and remove the largest trunks.  The path is now clear.

We mentioned previously that we tackled the very boggy area on the footpath starting at the one mile post on the railway walk and finishing at Kate’s Hill Farm/ the Business Park.  The previous trees felled to make a drier path had gradually sunk and we have now built up a causeway that will, with care, enable walkers to use the path and keep their feet dry.  This problem was previously reported to SCC and we are delighted that they have now created a beautiful 45m+ causeway across the boggy area so this walk is now a delight to use.  We often complain but very many thanks to SCC!

The issue of electric fences blocking footpaths seems to be a perennial problem and is a nuisance particularly when one doesn’t know whether it is live or not and no access method is provided. One such is the field from the sewage plant near the rugby pitches crossing towards Benton End (via the wobbly bridge).  This has also been reported to SCC for action.

Another path causing difficulty is the one from the rugby pitches up the hill heading towards Bullocky Fen. For years the farmer has made no attempt to clear the path or reinstate the diagonal path across the field. In the past the path alongside the field has been cleared by the Footpath Volunteers but we are getting tired of the farmer’s total lack of effort.  Again SCC have been notified.

Walkers have for some time been aware that the steps approaching the bridge by Walnut Farm, Burstall have become very dangerous, particularly in wet weather. In the past we have reported the problem to SCC and are now delighted that they have repaired the steps – Wonderful and thanks.

If walkers find problems with the footpaths please let us know about them or contact SCC directly via their reporting site. Accurate descriptions of the location would be appreciated as we often spend time hunting in entirely the wrong area.