Footpath Updates

We continue to walk Hadleigh area paths to determine any problems and particularly to review the state of footpath signs and waymarks. The issues found so far have been divided into those that the Volunteers will sort out themselves and those that we will highlight to Suffolk County Council for action. Needless to say, this activity will be ongoing, and we will welcome input from walkers as they cover the local area.

At this time of the year some of the footpaths can get overgrown.  One such is Bullocky fen walkway heading up to Rands Farm and  has now been cleared.

For some time walkers have been aware that the footbridge by Aldham mill (TM 0241 4375) has been closed.  SCC are aware but repair is not at the top of anyone’s priority list.  There is a very easy workround as there is another footpath about 50 yards further up Aldham Lane on the left which comes out just North  of Peyton Hall.  Virtually no problem to anyone unless they particularly want to walk the bridge

If walkers find problems with the footpaths please let us know about them or contact SCC directly via their reporting site. Accurate descriptions of the location would be appreciated as we often spend time hunting in entirely the wrong area.