Footpath Volunteers

The Footpath Volunteers were set up over 15 years ago by Hadleigh’s Footpath Warden David Warner with support from the Hadleigh Town Council.

The Volunteers monitor the condition of local footpaths and carry out repairs and clearance work that can be performed using hand and small power tools.  Larger projects are carried out by Suffolk County Council.027

Although our area is strictly Hadleigh District, we often perform tasks in neighbouring parishes (typically within a 5 mile radius) where Hadleigh residents are likely to walk.

We would like to hear from anyone who would like to join us from time to time, particularly with those project where “many hands make light work”.

The Volunteers also organize the informal monthly walks that are open to everyone.

We would very much like to hear of any footpath problems via the contact form on this web site or to our email address at