Our November walk on Saturday 18th is a familiar favourite.  It was intended to be a bit longer but during the recce we were confronted by a field over 1/2 a mile wide and very roughly ploughed.  Having struggled across the furrows we decided that, discretion being the better part of valour, we would opt for a slighly shorter but no less interesting route.  Just goes to show the benefit of walking a route before taking a whole group across!

Antway, here is the route we will take.  We will meet at 0930 at St Mary’s school and walk to Kersey via Hill Farm, Rand’s Farm, Hadleigh Heath, William’s Green, Kersey Vale and Bridge Farm.  The group will then walk back to Hadleigh via the familiar and well trodden Monk’s Path.  Anyone stopping at the Bell for lunch can follow on later.  Total distance for this walk is 8 miles.  The walk is a pleasantly undulating one with delightful Suffolk views

Everyone is welcome, including well behaved dogs.  Stout walking boots should be worn as the ground can be muddy and rough in places.  While the paths are for the most part in good order, there is some longish grass along the route which should be considered if there has been rain earlier.

Route maps can be emailed on request via the contact page on this website.  Please be aware that we will always acknowledge any emails so, if you have not received a reply within a day or two please recontact us as you may have input your email address incorrectly or I may have just overlooked it.

The December Walk will require a short bus trip towards Hintlesham and will follow a semi be circular route to the North ending up at the Cock in Hadleigh.  Watch this space


Most of our walks are suitable for any reasonably fit person but it is worth stressing that it is up to the individual to assure themselves they are healthy enough to complete the distances and terrain involved.  Only very rarely would a walk leader refuse to take someone on a walk

Friday 13tth

Although modern boots are very comfortable, walkers should previously carry out shorter walks in new boots before embarking on 8 or 9 milers.  Regarding clothing, it is well worth listening to a weather forecast and dressing accordingly.  Best to overdress as taking layers off is far easier than wishing one had brought an extra pullover!

We will generally have a short break mid walk so walkers are advised to bring a small snack and something to drink. It is unusual for us to pass any shops enroute.

Finally, we suggest that each walker carry a small first aid kit for minor problems and these are readily available from outlets like Boots.